$49.99 + HST Per File

Conveyancing Software Real Estate Law Firms Want to Use

Affordable and Intuitive Platform For Legal Professionals Available In Canada*

* Expanding Canada wide in 2023


Dynamic Platform


Manage All Real Estate Transactions

Open, process and finalize all your real estate transactions using a single conveyancing software platform.


You Are in Control

Full control of assigning permissions within the firm, division of roles between clerks and solicitors to comply with the Law Society's confidentiality requirements.


Client Management

Add and revise your own secured client database for a holistic view make it easier to address any changes efficiently.


Microsoft Word Documents

Generate and save documents using Microsoft Word, choosing from: default, customized or the Working Group on Lawyers and Real Estate templates. All documents are in compliance with the Law Society's recommendations and guidelines for real estate lawyers.  


Personal Cloud-Based Server

QUINTALINK's utmost priority is maximum security. Each firm is setup with a stand alone cloud based server to ensure the best protection available.


No Commitment

We offer competitive pricing with absolutely no commitment. Client and files database is owned by you and is retrievable upon request.


Custom-Tailored Approach

QUINTALINK was born as the result of the demand from practicing real estate solicitors for an affordable, robust and user-friendly system. Our software is suitable for any and all real estate practices. 
QUINTALINK is customizable to your practice. We treat each client with a unique approach understanding that each firm has different preferences with respect to documents and workflow. We work with you to enhance our system and provide you with what works best for you.  

Experienced Team

Our team consists of highly motivated, skilled and dedicated specialists. The synergy between software developers and expert advise from real estate lawyers created a workflow that is an essential part of any real estate practice. 
The cluster of our talents creates a basis for providing the best experience in working with real estate files and lasting relationships with clients built on trust and mutual understanding.



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    Purchase/Sale/ Mortgage File

    $49.99 + HST
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    Title Transfer File

       $19.99 + HST 

* We offer incentives to newly called lawyers - we want to help you grow your business!


  • Why should I choose QUINTALINK

    ● New innovative technology● Low price per file● Fully customized Microsoft Word documents system● Save your changes in Microsoft Word locally or directly on your server● Security● Integrations● Artificial intelligence components● Intelligent reports to support business management and development● Dedicated support● Fully compatible with Mac and Windows 

  • How do we protect your privacy?

    We know that security is very important to everyone. For maximum security, we have built a personalized dedicated cloud based secured server for each individual law firm that uses QUINTALINK. That's right, only your company and its employees will have access via your personal URL.

  • How can I try QUINTALINK?

    Contact Stephanie Rose - Director of Business Development at ac.knilatniuq%40esors

  • Who are we integrated with?

    We are fully integrated with Teranet Connect, LLC, FCT Title Insurance, Chicago Title Insurance and Stewart Title Insurance with more to come.

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